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Study of Families with Multiple Members with Type 1 Diabetes

Why is this study being conducted?

Family Cartoon
  • Little is known about how families manage diabetes when multiple family members have type 1 diabetes.
  • Such families may have strategies they share that make living with T1D easier.
  • Shared family knowledge may be important as families work to keep diabetes under control and reduce the complications of diabetes.

What will participants do?

  • Fill out an online survey. The questions will ask how other family members are involved in T1D management.
  • Complete HbA1c at-home kit
  • Compensated $20

Who can participate?

  • Anyone with T1D that has two or more family members have T1D in their immediate family.
  • Be an immediate family member where two or more family members have T1D.
  • Age 10 and above.

Interested in participating?

Please contact Jessica Mansfield by email at, phone 801-587-9698 or text at (801) 382-7323

Last Updated: 3/23/23